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Hypnotherapy in Benfleet, Essex

Hypnotherapy in Benfleet, Essex

Hypnotherapy in Benfleet, Essex

Weight Reduction-Gastric Band or Suggestion

Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Reduction

Using the hypnotic gastric band is a very successful method for reducing weight. The therapy is conducted over two sessions which are one week apart. During the first session the client is taken into hypnosis where the suggestion is planted into the subconscious that they are at the hospital meeting for the first time the consultant who will perform the operation, the client is guided into believing that what they are experiencing is real and that they are actually at the hospital.

During the second session the suggestion is planted into the subconscious that a real operation is taking place, visualising the sights and smells that they would experience if they really were in hospital. They will be guided through the procedure, explaining what the surgeon is doing while he is performing the surgery.

The aim is for the client to reduce their weight at the rate of 2lbs-3lbs per week. Occasionally this does not happen, which is also the case when a physical procedure has been carried out, the client can come back in for an adjustment to implant the suggestion that the band has been tightened slightly. Once the client has reached their target weight and size, they will then come back for a final adjustment to loosen the band a little, this will allow them to eat more, but only enough to maintain that weight, not put it back on.

Using this method for reducing weight is far safer than having a real procedure carried out as there are no side effects from anaesthetic or complications that could arise from a real operation. Many people have tried this method and been very pleased with the results.

Weight Reduction with the Suggestion Method

Using the suggestion method for weight reduction rather than the virtual gastric band is conducted over several one hour sessions, the average number of sessions needed is somewhere between 5 and 10.

During these sessions any issues relating to weight can be addressed, for example if someone heads for the biscuit tin rather than fruit, or if they comfort eat, the client’s perception can be changed so that they start to eat a healthier diet in a healthier way. If there are certain foods that the client wants to avoid, this can be included in the therapy so that it is specific to them. If the client wishes, the suggestion can be placed in the subconscious that they will increase the amount of exercise that they do, in so doing aiding the weight reduction.